About blog owner:

My name is Nate P. I will call myself NP from now on. I am a Chinese Thai but can't speak any chinese at all. I am now 34 years old, working for someone else company (still running in the rat race). I have a dream as same as many people that to get out of rat race. I used to have a blog called "0-hero" the blog is initially about inspiring people. But I didn't plan well that time. Beside the concept was not so clear and I meant to make money from that blog too early. I put so many things into that blog and it was end up messed up. Then I played around with other projects for a big while. And I got a new job and of course better salary. I paid less attention to my projects and running hard in the rat race. Just couple weeks ago I realized that this was not a life I ever want. I would like to work for myself and control my own time. Then I decided to do something. I need more knowledge of making money and it become a purpose of this blog.

About "No more job way" dot com

The purpose of doing this is me dying to get out of this rat race by learning more and doing at the same time. Instead of me doing alone, I would like to ask you who have a same passion as mine and want to start or just started, to go with me. We can share knowledge and also help each other. So please come and join me here at No more job way dot com


p.s. Sorry about my english.

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