Standing out the crowd by template

8:22 PM

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas party. Well, for people who have not visited my site for a while might notice a little changes on my site. Yeah, I just changed my template for this site. Actually, I just finished like minutes ago.


I started this site with a very simple template. It doesn't mean that I don't have a choice but I just want my site to be as simple as it can. Then I found this template. I took it so quick because the template itself is so clean and very simple just the way I want. I only did modify it a little bit and now it's ready to run.

What I write so far I just want to point out how important template is. Good template can make your site look great and can gain more recognition. Remember, we have no many chances to make users revisit our site second time. If they come and find the site not impressed at all, they definitely don't revisit the site ever again.

For Wordpress and Blogspot, there are so many templates for you to select. It depends on a purpose of your blog. There are templates for magazine, photo, travel, video clip, e-commerce, etc.. For blogspot, I would recommend this site " ". There are many of cool templates for blogspot here and also I found this template from here. For wordpress, well I really don't know much about this. I'm studying on it at the moment. As far as I know there are even more and flexible templates than blogspot. I personally recommend "" for wordpress. Of course, there is a little cost for the template but trust me it worth your money.

So, let stand out the crowd from your selective template and gain more traffic. Good luck.

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