Let's do 2013 target

11:45 PM

Time fly!! Just only 17 days left we are going to say goodbye to year 2012 and please welcome year 2013. It is about time to summarize what we did in year 2012 and to set up a target for 2013.

I started this blog, "NO more JOB way" in Aug this year to share you my journey to become a no job person. I did set target for myself and recorded it every month. I had created more blogs but mostly in Thai language. I had some blogs for adsense, a blog for amazon and a blog just for CPA. So far, my revenue was so far behind my target but I never give up and will continue walking in this path. Target2013

For 2013, I will use same target as this year that to have $3,000 a month or $100 a day. But this time I am going to put a deadline to myself. I give myself 6 months to achieve $70 a day. Once I reach the first target, I will quit my job and work full time online. I will take this month as a month of training and practicing. Wish me luck... :)

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