Following Guru footsteps

2:05 AM

adsensecheck_shoemoney Last post, "Build your Money Maker Blog", I mentioned 2 gurus which are Zac Johnson and John Chow. Today I'm going to mention another guru who also has made huge of cash from internet. His name is Jeremy Schoemaker, the founder of "". I think most of you who are now making money online knew this guy already. My favorite pic of him is the pic he show check from Google Adsense with amount of $132,994.97 in one month, OMG!!!!!.

He used to build a service He shared his blueprint on what he was doing marketing it. As you may or may not know that company in 4 months grew to 20k+ active publishers doing millions of month in revenue. And he sold it almost 4 months to the day he sold it. Again he continued to share all of this as it was going on.

Today he started the ShoeMoney System (now free) … His own product. Again sharing everything he was learning. The product has grossed close to 5 million dollars to date.


I personally joined this program also. I would like to join as many courses/programs as I can. I learn from gurus. I hope you will go checking it out. Enjoy!!!

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