Easy way to monitor your Adsense revenue

9:13 PM

Have you seen my last post? Well, if not, please take a quick look at it, “Following Guru Footsteps”. Yeah, you see a pic of Jeremy holding a Google Adsense check, right? You can see how much he could generate income from Google Adsense, right? For those people who are making money of Google Adsense, you may try to use this pic as your computer background in order to inspire yourself.

Let get back to the point, I’m going to share you a cool application which helps you monitor your Google Adsense revenue called “AdSense Dashboard”.


Application Description

A secure, read-only dashboard view of the performance of your AdSense account.
Provides a heads-up overview over critical AdSense performance metrics, including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easily-digestible form. Includes a desktop widget showing today's vital statistics.

Uses Google's AdSense Management API to provide a secure, read-only view of your data.
Supports phones with large screens, tablets, and now Google TV (for those that want an always-on dashboard for their office).

Provides most of the content of the AdSense home page and the default report.
To use this application you must:
- Have a working, stable network connection (known bug)
- Have an existing AdSense account
- Have the Google Account associated with that account configured as an account on your phone.

adsense_01 adsense_02

adsense_03 adsense_04

I am personally using this app. So far, I think this app makes my life easier. I no need to open my computer at all. I recommend you this app. You can go and download through this Link … Adsense Dashboard for android

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