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9:13 PM

Most of the time, I have been asked from my friends about what I do. I did answer them I am creating money maker blog. Then they ask me how blog can make money. Well, I explained to them that once my blog has quite number of visitor so I can have money from advertisement. My friends seem understand but still doubt about it. Well, I am not surprised that they do not yet believe in blog to make money because I was one of them too. I used to blog just for fun and learning until I came across to a blog named "". 


Zac shows readers his revenue in each month. Since then, I started to believe that blog can make such a high profit and begun to build my own money maker blog. You can check it out from link that I provide.



Zac Johnson’s blog leaded me to another famous blogger who can make from 0 to $40,000 a month within 2 years. Yes, I’m talking about “John Chow”. His blog, “”, is a real money maker blog. Matter of fact is he only works couple of hours a day. You may wonder how the heck this guy makes $40,000 a month. This is a right time to learn from him. John Chow just opened a course so called “Blogging with John Chow” in order to help you guys (and I) build your own Money maker blog. Want to learn even more about John Chow and how he’s making more and more money every day? In his new Blogging with John Chow course he lays it all out for you. Everything you need to know, along with a great 30 day starting guide, a full blogging course and tons of videos for you to learn and implement for your business or blog.

Check it out at Blogging with John Chow.

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