Build a Brand, create a domain

11:26 PM

According to my study of making money online, I may divide this into 2 groups. First one I would like to call it "A bot lover". The reason I call a bot lover because they don't want to build a brand. They don't need people to recognize their sites. Clone armyThey only concern if google do recognize their sites instead. So what they do is using keyword to be their domain. They don't mind to use such a domain like or And people in this group will create tonnes of sites just for search engine. That's why sometimes when you search something you may come accross with these spam sites (just one page site).


Jedi Second group I would call it "a Brand builder". This group will do focus on their sites, love their sites. You will certainly find useful contents through these kind of sites. People in this group will use their creativity to name their sites i.e.,, ,etc. Sites in this group are made for human not a bot. Reader can easier recognize these sites because of their unique domain name. You know what some gurus said Google love these kind of sites better.


Anyway, I don't tell you which one is better. Both of them can make money and a lot of money. But I would recommend you to have your own domain. You can easily check an available domain in below. Check it. Register it and build your Brand.


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