Technology and Life

1:11 AM

Ironman_01-1 I love IRONMAN movie. Not that I want to wear that suit but what I really like in this movie is about "technology" that makes life easier. I remember Tony's dad said "Everything is achievable through technology". Yeah, I kind of agree with that. As you can see today, tablet and mobile can do most of the thing that computor can. Well, what does it mean? It means you can work in any place that has internet connection. You can check and answer email. You can search for information. You can even update your web/blog through your mobile/tablet. As for me, I sometimes use my mobile update my blogs. It is very convenient.

I will show you a VDO of a new Samsung gadget, "Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1". This gadget kinda blew out my mind and I'm sure it can become very handy device.

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