Planning the way to get out of rat race

12:35 AM

Once we have our target, now it is time to set a plan. To be honest, the plan is the thing that I am not familiar with because I really don't know how to start. I don't know how much I can make from contextual ad and how much I can make from affiliate program.

2012-08-23 13.59.45 So the first step here is to study on both contextual ad and affiliate program and actually do it in the same time. Until I can have my own making money blueprint. Then I can plan thing more accurate. (or anyone have a better solution, please advise).

My current status:

My income sources

Contextual ad.
- Google adsense

Affiliate program
- Amazon
- Clickbank

My money maker:
For contextual ad.
- 3 Thai blogs
- 2 photo blogs

For affiliate program:
- 2 blogs

I use for all my blogs. The reason is I have very limited budget. Beside, it is something that I familiar with. I have no idea how to do a web site. I don't know html code. What I did invest was domains for most of my blogs. However some of them I still remain the original url (

Next thing I need to learn is how to find a niche keyword for product / deal and then how to find traffic.

Next post I will show you my report. This is also important.

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