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As I promise you about sharing my source of knowledge, so please find the list of my bibles below.

The Ultimate Blog Profit Model, an e-book from John Chow, author of In this book, John Chow will show exactly how he created a blog that makes $40,000 per month and how you and I can do the same. I personally recommend it.

Download e-book @


This book is from ZacJohnson, called “Six Figure Affiliate Blogging" Purpose of writting this book was being able to help anyone, whether you are veteran marketer or a complete newbie you should learn something new. After being quite successful at both the affiliate and blogging side, Zac decided to create "Six Figure Affiliate Blogging" and want to help you achieve that same success!

Download e-book @ Six Figure Affiliate Blogging




Learn the techniques Jonathan Volk used to make over $4,000,000 in affiliate commissions! Check out his Free Affiliate Marketing Guide and learn the "how to" for Facebook Ads, PPC Affiliate Marketing, PPV / CPV Affiliate Marketing, And Media Buying!

Download e-book @ Affiliate Marketing 101


Building a Business not a blog

“ANNOUNCING! New FREE 130+ Page Case Study That Reveals Step by Step Exactly What You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Business Not Just a Blog!”

Download this ebook now and see first hand just how much of the “Real Deal” we really are and find out for Yourself how Powerful something Free can actually be!

Download e-book @ Building a Business Not a Blog

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