First step is to set up a target

9:00 PM

You know, why setting up target is so important. Without target, it just like you are sailing in the middle of the ocean without a compass. You don't know which direction you should be heading to and end up get lost.

Setting target is what I have been doing every year but still miss the target though. Never mind, I still set it again this year.


I have set my satisfied target of $3,000 a month. However, my short term target is $1,000 a month within 2-3 month and hit $2,000 at the end of this year. Once I reach my second target, I will quit my job and do my own things full time.

So far, my income still approximately $1 a month. I got it from google adsense with Thai language web site. I know this is way too low but the keyword in Thai is very cheap. Oh! I still have income from other sources as well for this month. I sold one item from amazon this month and earned $6 and from Clickbank $19. Aha! Look better huh? The reason I am telling you this because I would like you to know that I am really at the beginning state. Still don't have money making blueprint at all. What I have is passion and I know I can do it.

"Have you set your target yet?"

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